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Who are typical Sadoff Investment Management clients?

Clients are typically high-net worth individuals. Typical clients include doctors, lawyers, small business owners, executives, retirees, widows and divorcees. We manage retirement accounts, taxable accounts and foundations.

Do you work with out of state clients?

Yes, while we are located in Milwaukee, almost half of our clients are located outside of Wisconsin. We can work with clients in any state.

What is a registered investment advisor?

A registered investment advisor (RIA) is a firm that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). An investment advisor registered with the SEC is required to act in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of clients. This means we are held with a higher standard of disclosure than would be found in a traditional securities brokerage environment. In addition, most RIAs are compensated on a fee basis rather than a commission basis.

Brokerages that do not register their representatives as RIAs are therefore required to have disclosure statements on all of their new account forms, essentially explaining that their interests are not necessarily the same as their clients' best interests. They may also be compensated from the owners of the investment products they are offering for sale. As a RIA we are fee only and fiduciaries to our clients. We have no proprietary products to sell or commissions to collect. We act in the best interest of our clients.

Why do I need an investment advisor?

Many clients view us as another professional such as the decision to hire a doctor or a lawyer. Others are too busy or do not have the expertise to manage their own investments. Over time many people find that they have been mismanaging their funds, they do not have a sell strategy for down markets and they are also not making tax efficient decisions.

Many find the need for professional advice because of the need to preserve a significant new found wealth such as a lump-sum distribution from the sale of a business, an IRA rollover, an inheritance or a bonus. An advisor can also assist with decisions such as saving for college, charitable donation strategies and when to take social security. Hiring an investment advisor often reduces anxiety over volatile market conditions and it can free up valuable time for more enjoyable pursuits. Also it establishes a relationship with a professional advisor for continuity for a spouse or heirs.

How does Sadoff Investment Management operate?

Sadoff Investment Management is an independent discretionary, fee-based money management firm providing portfolio management to high net worth individuals and small business retirement plans. The firm does not take custody of any funds. We use an independent discount brokerage firm to custody your investments. The account is set up in your name and your assets are not commingled with other accounts. We derive no revenue from commissions or product sales. We manage money in a discretionary manner for our clients. This is done through a trading authorization signed by our clients. Many of our clients are busy professionals and do not want to worry about having to give us authority to place each trade. Thus, we do not call clients to ask permission to place each trade.

How does Sadoff Investment Management make money?

Sadoff Investment Management is an independent fee-based advisor whose fees are based on a percentage of clients' assets under management. This fee structure is simple, transparent, and easy to understand. We have an incentive to grow your assets. When you succeed, we succeed. As independent advisors, we do not earn commissions or receive kickbacks from putting you in proprietary products which typically can lead to conflicts of interest. Our standard fee is 1% per year, billed quarterly.

How do I contact Sadoff Investment Management? What is the next step?

Please call us at 414-352-8460 or e-mail us to set up an introductory phone call or free no obligation consultation. We would like to discuss your goals and objectives to see how we can best tailor a portfolio to meet your needs. If you would like to retain our services we assist in setting up your account at an independent discount brokerage firm and send you our contract to sign.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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